Allerton is a working-class neighborhood geographically located in the east Bronx borough of New York City in the United States.
It is named in honor of Isaac Allerton, a passenger on the Mayflower, who is listed at the memorial at Plymouth Rock.
It consists of both the Bronxwood and Laconia neighborhoods. The neighborhood is part of Bronx Community Board 11.
Its boundaries, starting from the north and moving clockwise, are: East Gun Hill Road to the north, IRT Dyre Avenue Line to the east,
Pelham Parkway south, and Bronx River Parkway to the west. White Plains Road is the primary thoroughfare through Allerton.
The local subway is the IRT White Plains Road Line. ZIP codes include 10467. The area is patrolled by the 49th Precinct located at 2121 Eastchester Avenue in
Morris Park.


  • PS 41: Gun Hill Road (Olinville Av. and Rosewood St.)
  • PS 76: Bennington (Adee and Bronxwood Aves.)
  • PS 96: Richard Rodgers (Waring and Barker Aves.)
  • PS 89: Williamsbridge Middle School (Mace Ave. and Williamsbridge Road)
  • IS 322: Aspire Preparatory (Mace and Wallace Aves.)
  • IS 326: Bronx Green Middle School (Mace and Wallace Aves.)
  • IS 468: Pelham Academy of Academics and Community Engagement (Mace and Wallace Aves.)
  • Christopher Columbus High School (920 Astor Ave.)


  • Bx8: to 225th St station or Locust Point (via Williamsbridge Rd)
  • Bx26: to Lehman College or Co-op City (via Allerton Av)
  • Bx28: to Co-op City or Fordham (via Gun Hill Road)
  • Bx39: to Wakefield 241 Street station or Clason’s Point (via White Plains Rd)
  • Bee-Line 60: to White Plains
  • Bee-Line 61: to Port Chester
  • Bee-Line 62 Limited: to White Plains
  • Gun Hill Road (IRT White Plains Road Line) (2, 5)
  • Gun Hill Road (IRT Dyre Avenue Line) (5)
  • Burke Avenue (IRT White Plains Road Line) (2, 5)
  • Allerton Avenue (IRT White Plains Road Line) (2, 5)
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