Bronx Experts Efforts to Raise Property Values of the Bronx

In the past 12 months Bronx Experts Realty agents have been directly responsible for driving the value of the single and multi-family home market in the Bronx through the roof.With the sale of the Gunther Avenue Estates and the mega single family home 1390 Ellison Avenue all getting top market value, Bronx Experts Realty has solidified the Bronx real estate market as the go to outer borough for buyers. Bronx Experts Realty is now going to push the value of the Bronx even higher with their new $1.1 million exclusive listing: 1540 Hollywood. This small boutique brokerage in the Bronx is showing the world that the Bronx is home to some of the hottest New York real estate.

1319 Ellison Ave - Front Exterior

Senior sales agent Alfredo Rivera has committed to using his 10 plus years of sales and marketing expertise to create a luxury market in up and coming Bronx neighborhoods. With the diligent work of the in house marketing team TRG LLC, Bronxs Experts Realty is bringing emerging techno-logic and luxury marketing efforts to the Bronx real estate market. Today’s buyers and investors should take notice of the cutting edge marketing technique employed by Bronx Experts Realty which seamlessly brings together Buyers , Investors and Seller together in a comprehensive and professional setting. If ever there was a time to become an active player in the Bronx market the day is today.

unnamed-2Investors, sellers and buyers take heed the Bronx sizzle will not cool down this fall. Take advantage of the earlystages of the Bronx Luxury home movement now! Contact Bronx Experts Realty to connect with one of our experiences and dedicated agents today!

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