Buying Process:

Your understanding of the buying process is a direct reflection of our ability to guide you. At Bronx Experts, we share your interests and work diligently to find you a home that not meets your basic requirements but allows your family to share amazing new experiences.

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  • Choosing a broker
  • Buyer consultation
  • Mortgage Qualification
  • Determine options
  • Create a must see list
  • viewing tour
  • making an offer
  • Contract Signing
  • Mortgage Loan Application
  • Appraisal/Home
  • Closing
The first step is to meet face to face! Coming into our office ensures the start of a great relationship. Our Broker and Agents want to understand your buyer needs and tailor our services to math those requirements. Best of all, our meetings are always free: free of charge, free of stress and free of commitment. You will not be pressured into signing exclusive agency contracts and we will not try and sell you a home you do not want to buy. We pride ourselves on the ability to work effectively and honorably on behalf of our clients.

Once in office, we'll start off by asking you a series of questions that encompass your income and home owner histories, family or investment needs, and neighborhood preferences. Once your Buyer Profile is complete, we will provide a free residential mortgage credit report. This report provides a clear understanding of your home buyer qualification by analyzing your debt to credit ratio and provides FICO credit scores from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. From this crucial first step, we can move on to mortgage pre-approvals and looking at homes.

Does Credit Determine Which House I can Afford?

While credit is an important aspect of obtaining a mortgage, lenders look at a combination of your credit history, your salary, and length of employment. You should have enough income to afford the monthly payments on your home PLUS at least two years of continuous employment. Lenders will also take into consideration potential income generated from rentable units in your new home.

Bronx Experts has the largest inventory of real estate in the Bronx covering all zip codes. We provide our clients with a thorough in-office digital presentation of available houses in their estimated budget. You get to see the exterior and interior of houses even before you go on a viewing tour! We specialize in totally remodeled homes or new constructions. What you see on the presentation is exactly what you will get once you actually step foot in a home.

Because our houses are in turnkey condition and completely ready for you to move in immediately, it is important that buyers secure a mortgage pre-approval. New houses also mean that your deal will close faster, you don't have to worry about repairs, or until the "seller" finds another place to live. If you are not sure of how to attain this documentation, we can refer you to several lenders and mortgage brokers so that you can pick one that is to your liking. A large number of our clients take advantage of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans which are for first time buyers.