Claire, Seller

Bronx Experts was great to work with. I only wish that I listed my house with them originally. It would have saved me so much time and avoided so many headaches. I recommend them to family, friends and co-workers often.

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    Bronx Expert Realty are experts, diligent and professionals. I will deal with them again and again. I was looking for a suitable home for my family of eight and I tried several realty companies all to no avail, however, this company showed me a perfect home that met my need. Also, they helped me

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    I searched all summer for a new home, used about 10 different realtors, lost out on a couple of homes. I contacted Bronx experts, and was amazed at how quickly I was in negotiation with one of those homes which I lost out on two months earlier. David made sure I was able to negotiate with the

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