Morrisania is the historical name for the South Bronx in New York City, New York. The name derives from the powerful and aristocratic Morris family,
who at one time owned all of the Manor of Morrisania as well as much of New Jersey. The family includes Lewis Morris, 4th Lord of the Manor, and a signer
of the Declaration of Independence, and Governor Morris, penman of the Constitution. They are buried in the crypt at St. Ann’s Church of Morrisania.

Today the name is most commonly associated with the village of Morrisania, which is only a small corner of the original Morrisania. It is mostly a low income
residential neighborhood geographically located in the southwestern Bronx, New York City. The neighborhood is part of Bronx Community Board 3. Its boundaries,
starting from the north and moving clockwise are: the Cross-Bronx Expressway to the north, Crotona-Prospect Avenue to the east, East 161st Street to the south,
and Webster Avenue to the west. Third Avenue is the primary thoroughfare through Morrisania. ZIP codes include 10456, 10457, and 10459. The area is patrolled by
the 42nd Precinct located at 830 Washington Avenue.


  • PS 2/63: Morrisania (East 169th Street and Franklin Avenue)
  • PS/MS 4: Crotona Park West (East 173rd Street and Fulton Avenue)
  • PS 42: Claremont Village (Claremont Parkway and Washington Avenue)
  • PS 35: Franz Siegel (East 163 Street and Grant Avenue)
  • PS 90: George Meany (McCellan and Sheridan Avenue)
  • PS 55: Benjamin Franklin (St. Paul’s Place and Washington Avenue)
  • PS 110: Theodore Schoenfield (Crotona Park South and Fulton Avenue)
  • PS 132: Garrett A. Morgan (East 168th Street and Washington Avenue)
  • PS 140: Eagle (East 163rd Street and Eagle Avenue)
  • PS 146: Edward “Pops” Collins (East 164th Street and Cauldwell Avenue)
  • PS 186: Walter J. Damrosch Day Treatment Center (Jennings Street and Union Avenue)
  • PS 198:(East 168th Street and Tinton Avenue)
  • PS/MS 212: Theodore Gathings (Home Street and Union Avenue)
  • PS 463-Urban Scholars Community School
  • MS 128: Mott Hall III (St. Paul’s Place and Washington Avenue) [occupying the 5th & 6th floor of the Benjamin Franklin School]
  • MS 145: Arturo Toscanini (East 165th Street and Teller Avenue)
  • MS 219: Charles Richard Drew (East 169th Street and Third Avenue)
  • MS 301: Paul Laurence Dunbar (East 161st Street and Cauldwell Avenue)
  • MS 313/339: Diana Sands (East 172nd Street and Webster Avenue)
  • Morris High School (East 166th Street and Boston Road)
  • Jane Addams High School (East 161st Street and Tinton Avenue)
  • Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (East 169th Street and Fulton Avenue)
  • Bathgate High School Campus (Claremont Parkway and Bathgate Avenue)
  • Success Academy Bronx 3 is planning to openin August, 2013,for grades K–1or K–2,as a charter school.


  • Bx6: to Hunt’s Point or Riverside Drive (via 161st Street-163rd Street)
  • Bx11: to Simpson Street (2 5) or George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal (via 170th Street)
  • Bx15: to Fordham Plaza or Third Avenue–149th Street (2 5) (via Third Avenue)
  • Bx15 LTD: to Fordham Plaza or West Harlem (via Third Avenue Limited)
  • Bx21: to Westchester Square–East Tremont Avenue (6 <6>) or Third Avenue–138th Street (6 <6>) (via Boston Road–Morris Park Avenue)
  • Bx35: to Simpson Street (2 5) or George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal (via 167th Street)
  • Bx41: to Gun Hill Road (2 5) or Third Avenue–149th Street (2 5) (via Webster Avenue)
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